Thursday, May 12, 2011

Malorie's Law, HB 2470

Thanks to Tim Kreitz for bringing this to my attention this morning.  I have a deep respect for the laws I'm sworn to enforce.  This letter does not express all of the problems I see with this potential law.  Please contact your representatives to make sure this is handled correctly.  While Malorie's death was a preventable tragedy, the bill needs major trimming if it is to be effective in preventing more loss.

Here's where you'll find the text of the bill:

Here's the letter I sent to my elected officials:

                This letter is to request your support in keeping HB 2470 (Mallorie’s Law) from being passed as-is.
                I write this letter as a citizen, peace officer and motorcycle owner.  This bill concerns me because there are many elements of it that simply do not make sense and would be a waste of the government’s time to pass and enforce.
                The singling out of “sport bikes” is the most disturbing part of this bill.  Any motorcycle, regardless of type, is deadly when used improperly.  The purpose of this bill appears to address passenger safety and should apply equally to all motorcycles.  The singling out of sport bikes appears as an emotional discrimination against the type of motorcycle involved in Mallorie’s death.  My state should seek to protect all passengers of motorcycles regardless of their style.
                Requiring a person to be a licensed operator to ride as passenger has no benefit to safety.  A licensed motorcycle passenger, regardless of experience level, has no ability to control the vehicle that a non-licensed passenger has.  If a person is not capable of responsibly carrying passengers, they should not be allowed to operate a motorcycle.
                I would support the provision that passengers could be carried only on motorcycles equipped with the features as described in the bill: permanent seat, footpegs and handholds.
                Thank you for reading this letter and please do your part to keep our traffic code practical and useful.  Our state has become very motorcycle friendly and I ask that it remain so. 


Matt Vann

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