Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Pentagon Magic Act

 In 2005 I received an e-mail linking me to's Pentagon Magic Act video.  I can't find the video anywhere now.  It appears that the website has given up the good fight entirely.  The mass-forwarded email came to me with only one line of text in the body:"Makes you think."  It was a Saturday morning, I was on my third cup of coffee and it was time to think.  The video documented all of the evidence the producer needed to prove that the 2001 attack on the Pentagon was an inside job.  I've never been able to get my mind around their logic, so I put some down on their video.  What follows is my reply to every recipient on that email that morning. 

I've made notations in brackets to explain the points made by the video.

The video linked at the end IS NOT the one I'm referring to.  It's a forensic video that speaks for itself.

My impression is that the producers want us to believe that the Pentagon was struck with a missile or lighter aircraft than the 757 used.  Lack of large pieces of wreckage, appropriate noise, large fire like the WTC, etc, are cited as evidence.  Here we go.

As for wreckage, the comparative photographs are of low speed accidents for the most part.  When pilots know they are in trouble, they will make every effort to slow the aircraft to minimize damage.  Makes sense, right?  When the landing goes wrong, this results in large pieces of the aircraft being torn away.  At high velocities, and especially when the aircraft strikes at a right angle (straight into the ground or a wall) the result is very small pieces of wreckage.  Search for a picture of the aircraft that crashed into a field on 9-11.  It doesn’t look like the ones on this video.  It crashed at a steep angle. 

The “small pieces” shown are aircraft aluminum.  The one carried by the man in the upper left hand corner is far too large to be a piece of a missile.

Fuel-air explosions are fast and hot.  More of the heat and vapors were contained in the WTC than the pentagon.  With more air, the fuel will burn out more quickly.

“It sounded like a missile” or went “piff!”  [witness quote on video] Missiles don’t go “piff.”  They go “roar.”  Pay a visit to your local model rocket club and ask to see a high-power rocket flight.  I guarantee it’s piff-free.  Those are bottle-rockets compared to a military missile.  I’ll bet that no one “interviewed” has ever seen anything that large fly at Mach .69 under 100 feet before.  It wouldn’t make much of a roar until after it passed.
[Video alleged that unbroken wire spools and windows proved impacting object was too large to be an airplane]Why did it leave undamaged wire spools and windows?  Because it MISSED THEM.  That’s like asking why Jackie wasn’t killed when JFK was shot next to her.

[Witness said he could smell the cordite from the missile.]  The witness who reported smelling cordite must have been standing next to a large cannon used to blow a hole in the building.  Cordite is a propellant for large artillery.  It’s not used in warheads.  Rockets or missiles use propellants like aluminum perchlorate and explosives like RDX.

[Impact hole too small for airliner]  What about the neat little hole?  Run a google search on this formula:   F=ma.  Any remaining structural part of the aircraft with sufficient velocity could knock a small hole in reinforced concrete.  We’ve all seen pictures of the fence pickets poked through palm trees after hurricanes.

Let’s assume the “Mind Control Machine” used a missile against the Pentagon.  They did a half-assed job at best.  Why strike a fortified target at it’s toughest point?  Why strike it at an angle?  Why not strike it with laser-guided air-dropped munitions?  We’ve all seen the videos from Iraq.  There would be no sound or evidence left behind… just a smoking hole.

[Too hard to hit building for an unskilled pilot] Was anyone surprised that a raghead terrorist pile of walking excrement was a bad pilot?  Did you know that aircraft like the 757 are very easy to handle once in the sky?  You need a yoke (that’s the wheel) two pedals and a throttle.  I’ve flown store-bought flight simulators that are more of a challenge than real airplanes.  Handling the airplane in the sky is the easiest part of flying.  Go ask your nerd friend (you know you have one) to fire up Microsoft Flight Sim for you.  After a couple of hours of familiarization, you’ll be ready to duplicate the tragic acts of September 11.

[Alleged that government confiscated video of a missile]  I was shocked to see that the “Mind Control Machine” confiscated security tapes of all of the private businesses on the route of the mysterious aircraft.  Can you imagine the gall of our federal law enforcement taking evidence of a crime?  One small question for the producers:  How the hell did you morons manage to get a copy of the Pentagon’s security camera when you couldn’t even get footage from a gas station?  Is the MAN keeping you down?

I’ve gone over their site.  It’s disturbing to me that anyone would dedicate so much time and energy into something so moronic.  Why is the evidence so strange?  Because we’ve never seen anything like it before.  The government isn’t working hard to debunk these people because it’s not necessary.  The vast majority of Americans have devoted their time, money and lives to protecting this country and recovering from the disaster that was a terrorist act.

"This chorus is the feces that is produced when shame eats too much stupidity!"  Dale Gribble, King of the Hill


I found an interesting FORENSIC video about the Pentagon attack: