Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Bliss Point Conspiracy

After years of torching conspiracy theories wherever they’re found, I hereby announce that I’ve found one.  It’s the real thing; it’s global, complete with government participation and a money trail.  It’s leaving a trail of dead bodies and the brainwashed masses are being herded to the slaughter.  It even has a symbol in the shape of a pyramid.

It’s our wheat and sugar based diet.

Look at the recommended intake for sugar on the nutrition information label on the first thing you can grab.  You’ll not find a percentage for sugar, because the government hasn’t made an official statement on how much sugar we need per day, which is 0.0. 

Here’s the thumbnail.  In an effort to curb heart disease, government health organizations decided that a low-fat diet was the best antidote.  Removing fats and/or their carriers removes flavor, so sugar was added.  Adding to this was the USDA’s “food pyramid” which directs us to consume up to a dozen servings of grains in the form of processed flour (bread, cereal, pasta, etc.)  Wheat, as we consume it today, not only metabolizes like sugar, but can stimulate opiate receptors and cause you to keep eating when you’re not hungry.  Anyone who's binged on a bag of Doritos understands this.
Food science has perfected the “bliss point,” or the point where effect of sweetness is maximized to boost flavor in processed foods.  I’ve never put sugar in my homemade salsa, but commercial variants contain a significant amount.  It’s everywhere, because if a maker doesn’t use it, their product won’t taste better than the competition and it will stay on the shelf.

Metabolic disease, diabetes, and obesity are higher than ever as we choke down the wheat and sugar.  We’ve created related scary stuff along the way, like gluten sensitivity and GMO terror, both of which are behind the science curve.  We’re giving our kids fruit juice and grain products, ensuring insulin issues from an early age.

The government won’t save us, because it’s a consumer-driven market and regulations are driven by lobbying.  We’re also a nation where people are free to eat whatever we want while our kids are given cheap, sugary, wheat-based food at government schools.

Drastically reducing wheat and sugar in my diet made a huge difference in my health.  After years of fighting weight, I finally reached my target numbers.  At 40 I was under my high school weight.  My hypoglycemia was instantly cured.  My strong physical condition helped me beat cancer, which was most likely developed before I made the change.  There’s no proof that a wheat/sugar diet caused my disease, but I’ll always be suspicious.

Correcting the problem isn’t about dieting to lose weight, it’s about changing everything you ever believed about nutrition.  Once you’ve crawled in this conspiracy basement, you’ll turn your suspicions on diet supplements, vitamins and “detox” products.  Welcome to the revolution.  Here’s your starter kit of reading material and documentaries:

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